Morsbags at The Homemade Fair 11th -13th of May

Look at these beauties all ready to be given away at The Handmade Fair at Ragley Hall 11-13th of May! Morsbags will be there  for 3 days – pop in and say hi!

March morsbagging in numbers…. it’s a whopper!

The amazing Beattie is our resident morsbags number cruncher – and here’s what she found out about the bumper month of March…

4985 morsbags were made world-wide during March.

These pods added morsbags to the tally last month. Is your pod on there?

Transition C POD
Odd Handles
Butterfly Bags
Bude Baggers
Die Nähdamen
The Taylor’s Needle Community
Niffy Bags
So Mrs Bag
Macs Bags
Sally South Bags
Less is Mors
Monty Morsbags
St Nick’s
Paula’s Morsbags for everyone
The old bag
Holsworthy Baggers
Seaside Sisters
The Chickadeez (and friends)
SW Sun Seekers
South East Living Skys
Barrow Baggins
in Stitches
Faire Des Sacs
Daisy Bags
upcycling is fun
Halifax Raggedy Baggers
Meddon Morsbaggers
Morsbag Meisters
Kinderspielstraße Agenda 2030
Kentish Essex Girls
Landford / Nomansland Baggers
Toni Fab Bags
Rejig Bags
Whetstone Whales
Two Doors Studio
Morsbags et non Morsbach
Harborough Hit Bags
cats in the bags
HolySpiritChurch NewLifeBags
Barblin’ Along
Guy’s Marsh Prison
Dar el Ma
Bag for Love
Grayshott Bag
Ditsy bags
Ballypod, Ireland
Barrow Bagging
Pickering Stichers
Duisbags – die Pottnaeher
Suzies @ Plas Dur
Hamblins Habybaggers

So when you’re sewing away, on your own or with a group of friends or family, remember that you’re part of a worldwide movement and that there are others sewing away with you, not necessarily in the same space, but still there and doing their bit too!

Welcome to the 21 new pods:

Camelot Carriers
South East Living Skys
GT Bags
Woolsery Baggers
Daisy Bags
Barrow Baggins
upcycling is fun
Herne Bay Belles
Tropical Totes
Kinderspielstraße Agenda 2030
Canterbury Food Bank
Grayshott Bag
Cathys Pod
HolySpiritChurch NewLifeBags
Ditsy bags
Stitchers Coven

We’re so pleased you joined us!

Interesting snippets from pods last month:

From ‘GlassyBaggers’: “We are a group of stained glass makers and we want to create Morsbags, to offer to our customers, free, instead of plastic bubblewrap.”

Only our second morsbags pod in Singapore!
‘Upcycling is fun’ writes:
“fighting the plastic bag craziness in Singapore – one Morsbag at a time…”

‘Tropical Totes’ writes:
“Taking the Morsbags philosophy to the Costa Tropical, Spain. Trying to share the fun and rewards of recycling fabrics for good use!”

We love seeing the morsbags message spreading to other countries and continents. How do you think April will go? Will you help us smash the 5000-morsbags-made-in-a-month tally?

Happy Easter Morsbaggers!

Make sure you have plenty of rest and chocolate in ready for eggciting morsbag plans after Easter…. things are hotting up hotter than a hot cross bun…


Next Handout is February 3rd!

Let’s bag everyone while the days are dark and (in the UK) we’re desperate to see the sun, reminding people that hope is out there with a morsbag and a smile!

We’re going to bag a local care home and bus service – what will you do?

A coordinated handout means that many morsbags will be rehomed on the same day… get together with friends and pod members to have fun handing out morsbags.

Please join in!

Morsbags shortlisted for P.E.A. Award

That stands for People. Environment. Achievement. !

We are shortlisted in the ‘Green Pioneer‘ category and the awards are dished out on the 13th October so please wish us luck!

You can view all the shortlists for 2017 here at the P.E.A. Awards Website (opens in a new window)


Morsbags at the Great British Sewing Bee Live

It’s the sewing event of the year! And we will be there…

Please visit morsbags at the Great British Sewing Live at London’s Excel exhibition centre from the 21st September until the 24th.

We desperately need volunteers to help man our stall with us. If you are able to come and spend a day with us and get a free pass to the show, then please can you fill out this form.

We also need as many bags as you can make! We are supplying 1500 morsbags for VIPs of the show. You can show your commitment by going to your pod page and filling in the ‘challenge bags pledged‘ tally. This helps us calculate who is able to help us make these much need bags. We are getting an amazing stand in return for the bags, courtesy of the GBSB live and Upper Street events. It will be a great exposure for morsbags and the bags are needed to help us spread the word to all the VIPs and press at the event. We will need you to sew on labels but we will replenish any labels free of charge, and we will organise a courier to pick the bags up from you at our cost.

Please let us know if you can help.

All enquiries:

Morsbags at Kirstie Allsopp Handmade Fair!

Morsbags are excited to be at the Kirstie Allsopp Handmade Fair in Ragley, Warwickshire,12-14 May – with hand crank machines – giving people the opportunity to come and make morsbags. We can’t wait!! Hope to see you there….

Patrick Grant Competition….

Here at morsbags HQ we have a serious crush on the divine Patrick Grant (from the Sewing Bee), so here’s an exciting competition… fancy designing a morsbag for him? The winning morsbag will be presented to him in May! Details to follow soon… thinking caps on!!

Lion’s Sponsorship of morsbags labels

Thanks to sponsorship by Rothley & Soar Valley Lions club for morsbags labels for Sue’s Mountsorrel Pod! Sue has made red morsbags for their 40th year (Ruby Anniversary) and is busy making 200 for the Christmas food handout… good luck and thank you Sue!

Please set up a pod if you have ordered labels…

HUGE numbers of labels orders coming in 🙂 – which is brilliant – but please please do set up a pod so the morsbags you make can be added to the tally, which in turn inspires others… the number of labels we send out doesn’t correspond to the number of bags added to the tally and it would be so much more impressive if it did!

Here’s the link to set up a pod so you can add: (you can mark yourself as uncontactable and we’ll never spam you, if that’s a worry)