Frequently asked questions

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Alternatively please also read our Welcome and Status pages.

Why give morsbags away for free, can i sell them to raise money for charity?

No! The likelihood is that you are here because you were given a Morsbag or heard about someone getting a Morsbag. If Morsbags were only sold then they would just be like any other old ‘tote’ bag for sale. What makes Morsbags stand out from the crowd is that they are a ‘gift’, a way to say ‘Hey, have you thought about your plastic bag use, take this, no really, there is no catch – just use it and tell others!’

Why do we have to pay for labels?

Labels are actually cheaper than most other alternatives like using iron on transfer paper. We don’t profit from labels sales, all revenue goes back to covering the printing and shipping of the labels.

How do I update my pod tally?

You can update the tally of any pod that your are and admin of (if you created the pod then you are an admin of it by default). Simply click Pods on the top menu, then View My Pod/s on the right side of the Pods Page. If you are a little stuck then you can also watch this video to see how it is done (opens in a new browser tab – close it or click back after it has finished).

I was registered on the old site forum but I can not seem to log on here.

User profiles from the old site forum were not brought over to the new site. The only log in/profiles that were brought over were the log ins for each ‘pod’ group. If you have a pod registered please log in with that log in (username is the pod name)

I am logged in to my profile and when I go to my pods I can not seem to find how to add to it’s bag tally.

When you are viewing your pod whilst logged in you change your pod’s bag tally by clicking on the the tally number itself. (Hovering over displays an ‘edit’ hint)

I don’t like my username, can I change it?

Usernames can be changed by emailing us on admin@morsbags.com and letting us know your current username and desired username. You must email us from the actual email address associated with your account for security reasons.

I logged in but can not find my pod details to edit.

Once logged in you are prompted with options. Once is to view you pod/s. You can also view your pods by hovering over the top right yellow log in area and choose ‘My Pod/s’. Also you can view your pod/s from the pod page by clicking ‘My Pod/s’. Bookmark this link for quick access: My Pod/s

How do i invite/recruit people to my pod?

Once logged in, view your pod and simply click ‘Recruit People’ on the pod you wish to invite people to. Type in their email address and it will let you know if they are already registered with the site. They will get an email telling them to log in/register. They will instantly become a part of your pod if they are registered, or when they sign up.

How do I let someone else have admin access to my pod, so they can edit the details too?

When viewing your pod, hover over the other members name (under your name) and you will see a grey ‘Admin’ appear – click to make it black and they are now Admin of your pod – they can edit the pod and any details. Please only use this option with trusted members of your pod.

I want to upload an avatar for my forum profile but can’t.

If you have a ‘Gravatar‘ then this will be displayed automatically. This is only working for some users at the moment so we are looking into it – please try this.. Log in and then hover over the top right yellow log in area again, choose ‘My Profile’. Then in the resulting profile page click ‘Edit Forum Profile’. If you get a new page with options to edit your forum details then you can upload an avatar. If you get an ‘Oooops – page not found’ then we are looking into why some users are getting this issue.


Alternatively please also read our Welcome and Status pages.