Make a Morsbag

Fantastic news!

So you want to make a reusable, original, recycled, washable, strong morsbag that will last for years… Hopefully this will be your first of many so you can use yours, then make more to give other morsbags away to friends, family, colleagues and unsuspecting strangers. Beware – it’s addictive!

Click on the pattern below for simple, step-by-step instructions to make a morsbag. Lovely labels will be sent out to you asap if you click  ‘buy morsbags labels’.*

This basic pattern will help you make a morsbag strong enough to carry your tins of baked beans, bottles of wine and cauliflowers… AND lovely enough to attract glances of admiration wherever you go. However, if you would like to modify by adding a box bottom, longer straps or change the dimensions, for example, please feel free. It’s YOUR creation – the only thing we insist on is that you sew a label on to make it a bona fide morsbag so that people can find their way to the site and make more; and so the word spreads, the cycle continues and the turtles don’t have to eat bags for breakfast.

Make morsbags by yourself, in a group of friends, at school, in your village hall, in a tipi – wherever and with whoever… there are no rules except to create, recycle, give away and enjoy. Have fun and don’t forget to show us your handiwork on the forum and Flickr.  Everyone loves a newborn morsbag!

* We don’t profit from the sale of morsbags labels as we sell them at cost price. We ask people to buy them so that the word spreads as morsbags are given away and used. Without the labels directing people to the site and the pattern, there wouldn’t be the huge numbers of morsbags out there today that there are, so please do attach them with pride and joy to help spread the word!