The more the word spreads about morsbags – the more morsbags will be made – the fewer plastic bags will be used – the happier the whales will be!

There are lots of ways you can help with this (most of the documents below are editable) and all available for you to print/use. Thank you very much to morsbaggers who’ve made them.

If you have any other designs/ideas/layouts etc. please email them to us so we can share them here, or post them on the forum. Some people add a local contact for donations of unwanted thread, sewing machines, material etc.

A bit of local info about morsbags can drum up support, supplies and new pod members, not to mention new friends!

If you are looking for the morsbags pattern you can get it here or the wheelchair version here.

 1) Morsbags Logos for using as however you may need (An .rtf text file is included regarding best practices):

 2a) Information sheet for putting into morsbags:

 2b) Alternative ‘bag tag’ for tying on to the morsbag handle. 2 pages = 2 sides. (based on a design by marvelous ‘minx’ pod, Bristol):

Morsbaggers are cautious about wasting paper, but sometimes they feel it’s worthwhile to put a bit of extra info into a morsbag to further explain the ethos. Some morsbaggers use small cards, others use recycled paper…

2c) 🇩🇪German Instructions, Information sheet and Bag tags PDF

3) Blank ‘Header’ Page – ideal for making a poster to put in your local shop window/noticeboard/library/school and so on

4)  Display window stickers. Print this (laminate if poss), then blu-tac into your car/house/helicopter window.

5) Give a talk in your local school/WI/library/prison/nursing home/front room…..

5) Make a cloth banner or bunting out of scraps like these: