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If your morsbag doesn’t have a label then it isn’t a morsbag! Labels help spread the word of morsbags. All morsbags made should be registered on your pod tally, so please make sure you set up a pod and keep it up to date. No profit is made from the selling labels and we keep them at (or possibly lower!) than cost price.

Two versions available:

  1. Remembering Rosie Eley 1957-2021. – Non bleached natural coloured cotton labels to attach to the morsbags that you make, honouring prolific bagger Rosie Eley. 5p each. (NOT AVAILABLE in USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA or NEW ZELAND).
  2. Standard cotton labels to attach to morsbags that you make – spread the word! 6p each. (AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE)
P.S. You can add some of both versions to the cart if you wish!
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  • Prices are per label – ordered in quantities of 10. The new standard labels now cost 6p – we haven’t raised prices in over 7 years and recently have been subsidising the cost but due to recent global trade conditions we have had to change suppliers again, who’s raw material cost has risen.
  • Orders of over 5000 are possible by getting in touch with us at Shipping to Europe +£3.00 and rest of world +£3.80 delivery charges apply.

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