We had a really successful handout in March – well done everyone! So are you ready for the next handout in May?

We’ve chosen Monday 26th of May and thought it’d be a great way to give everyone something jolly to do on their Bank Holiday!

The idea is to sew like mad to make as many lovely morsbags to hand out as possible – perhaps organise a local group for courage, support and joy, and hand out free morsbags to locals

You can:

  • bag your local library
  • bag a local car park
  • bag dog walkers
  • bag a cinema
  • bag a care home
  • bag your neighbours
  • bag your Facebook friends

The possibilities are endless and it’s up to YOU, wherever YOU are!

If you fancy joining in, give us, and your local radio/newspaper, a shout. Email, or write here to say that you’re IN and see what people in other areas are doing…