Macs bags is the Pod of the Fortnight!

Congratulations Mac bags for being ‘Pod of the Fortnight’ – you’ve made 2156 morsbags to date, so we asked you these questions:

1) Who is in your pod?

Sue, Caroline, Anne, Carla, Olive, Jennifer, Cath, Veronica, Carol, Jacqui, Pat, Wendy and Allison who does the ironing. Let’s not forget our teaboy, Mike… We find making morsbags in a group more satisfying as we can chat and exchange ideas – even if we can make them faster on our own!

2) When/where do you sew morsbags?

Mostly we make morsbags in our own homes but we meet on Wednesday once a month at Sue’s house. Also on various occasions we meet up at either Jacqui’s or Wendy’s houses on a Saturday for those who go to work. Early on we realised that alcohol and trying to sew a straight line does not work….shame!

3) Where did you first hear about morsbags?

Wendy’s son Bernie (Bernies bags pod) was staying with her for 15 months and persuaded us to start a pod with members of Marden Arts and Crafts Society.

4) Did you think about your use of plastic bags before?

Yes, we did, but not to the degree of helping to do something practical about it. Some of us used the strong hessian bags, others loaded the shopping straight into the car, but the plastic bags were there so they got used, but not anymore!

5) What type of sewing machine/s do you use?

Our machines range from a Bernina, Singer, and Toyota Super Jeans to a very basic Janome.

6) Please give 3 adjectives to describe your first morsbag.

Satisfying, colourful and we were pleased.

7) What was the most unusual or satisfying thing you’ve made a morsbag out of?

We find all the bags satisfying to make because we are lucky enough to be given fabric that would have normally gone to landfill. However, making a bag out of material donated by someone who has previously been bagged with one of our morsbags is great. We’ve also appliquéd shapes onto plain bags to use up odds and ends of fabric and printed paw prints onto them for a dog show.

8) Who was your first bagging victim?

We put the local community guide booklet into bags for the distributors to deliver around the village (16 bags)

We have also made special shaped ‘bottle bags’ & ‘baguette bags’ which have gone to France.

9) What’s been your finest morsbag moment?

We enjoyed handing out morsbags at a residential home where they were immediately put to use by residents as the ‘veg van’ arrived…

In general we love the look of astonishment when people find out that morsbags are free!

Our best moment though was celebrating our 2000th morsbag with the fantastic cake made by Sue. These 2000 bags have been handed out to people in this area and there are still people who say “What are Morsbags?” So, lots more bags to make.

10) Who would you like to guerilla bag most? (dead or alive)

Eric Clapton and ANY person at the checkout who uses a plastic bag for only a couple of items.

11) Future plans for your pod?

We are looking forward to the party for our 3000th bag and will continue to visit small groups to show them how to make their own morsbags.