Ecobags is our Featured Pod!

Congratulations Ecobags for being our Featured Pod – you’ve made 3356 morsbags to date, so we asked you these questions:

Who is in your pod?

Just me.

When/where do you sew bags?

My living room – any time I have time.

Where did you first hear about Morsbags?

A friend.

Did you think about the use of plastic bags before?


What type of sewing machines do you use?

Janome 1560 and, on loan from a local environmental group, an overlocking machine, Jaguar 097. This has enabled me to double production!

Please give 3 adjectives to describe your first morsbag.

Interesting, satisfying, enjoyable.

What was the most unusual thing you’ve made a Morsbag out of?

An apron, ties for handles.

Who was your first bagging victim?

A friend.

What’s your finest Morsbag moment?

Hearing from morsbags HQ that the organiser of a local gardens open emailed in appreciation of morsbags I supplied for their sale of plants.

Who do you give your morsbags to?

Health food shop. Vegetable market. Village shops and markets. Food Cupboard. Quantock Eco – (people growing fruit and veg for the Food Cupboard). Country Market. Nappy Library. Library groups. Friends and family and anyone I meet who needs a bag.

Who would you like to guerilla bag most? (dead or alive)

Anyone still using a PLASTIC BAG!

Of course none of this would be possible if donations of fabric didn’t arrive. All sorts turn up from washed out bedding to considerable amounts of unused curtain, upholstery and dress materials, all potentially recyclable. That’s what makes it interesting!