Butterfly Bags is Pod of the Month

Congratulations Butterfly Bags for being ‘Pod of the Month’ – you’ve made a fab 520 morsbags to date, so we asked you these questions:

1) Who is in your pod?

It is basically me. I  have a few friends who come to visit sometimes and make bags whilst we drink tea and chat. Also, 5 (out of the 6) of my children have made at least 1 bag each. I will get the youngest one sewing soon.

2) When/where do you sew morsbags?

I am lucky enough to have a sewing room at home so most of my sewing is done there. As I live in Leicester, I go to our fabulous morsroom most weeks and help out at events.

3) Where did you first hear about morsbags?

I first heard about morsbags when there was an event at our local Environment Centre. I didn’t actually go to the event but looked at the morsbags website and made one at home. When I saw there was going to be another event at the Environment Centre, I went along. We still have events there now.

4) Did you think about your use of plastic bags before?

I didn’t really give plastic bags much thought before. I think I did try and use bags for life but it wasn’t something I felt that strongly about until I discovered morsbags and read up on it.

5) What type of sewing machine/s do you use?

I use a Brother sewing machine. It is the same as the ones that we use in Leicester for our events. I also have a beautiful old Singer treadle machine that belonged to my husband’s grandmother but I’ve never actually sewn with it.

6) Please give 3 adjectives to describe your first morsbag.

My first morsbag was wonky, functional and inspiring!

7) What was the most unusual or satisfying thing you’ve made a morsbag out of?

The most satisfying thing I’ve made a morsbag from was my oldest son’s old space print curtains. I made him the curtains when he was about 6 (he is now 17). I recently used them to make small morsbags for my youngest son’s party bags. Giving all the children at the party little morsbag made all the Mums ask about them and I bagged them too!

8) Who was your first bagging victim?

My first bagging victim was my Mum.

9) What’s been your finest morsbag moment?

I would like to confess about my morsbag diary. I am not a particularly organised person but from day 1, I have kept a list of every morsbag I have made. I know when, where and what fabric it was made from and who (or what event) I gave it to.  It may seem a little obsessive but I’m really glad i have kept this record.

I’m very proud to be part of the morsbag family. We are very fortunate in Leicestershire that we have Rosie (Offcuts) who is so passionate about the cause that she motivates, organises and encourages so many morsbag events and opportunities. I have met and become friends with people that I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for morsbags. I love going to events, taking part in handouts and spreading the morsbag word.