Bude Baggers is Pod of the Month!

Congratulations Bude Baggers for being ‘Pod of the Fortnight’ – you’ve made 1400 morsbags to date, so we asked you these questions:

1) Who is in your pod?

We have 35 members

2) When/where do you sew morsbags?

We meet once a month at my house, there’s usually between 4 and 10 of us at our get togethers. People sew bags at home inbetween get togethers, and a couple of members also have bagmaking get togethers with a few of their friends as well

3) Where did you first hear about morsbags?

I saw Claire on BBC breakfast programme in 1997

4) Did you think about your use of plastic bags before?

Yes, I was already using re-useable bags, but wasn’t aware of the scale of the problem

5) What type of sewing machine/s do you use?

I use a Singer electric, other people in the pod have different makes

6) Please give 3 adjectives to describe your first morsbag.

Slow to create!

7) What was the most unusual or satisfying thing you’ve made a morsbag out of?

I made some bags out of cotton kaftans given to me by an elderly lady, who had worn them a long time ago when she lived in the middle east with her husband, who had since died. I gave her a couple of the bags I’d made and she almost cried with happiness at being able to see her kaftans again, and to use them every day, because it gave her lots of happy memories

8) Who was your first bagging victim?

My neighbour (I wasn’t brave enough to hand one to a stranger in those days!)

9) What’s been your finest morsbag moment?

The first get together I organised, because I’d spent years as a solitary bagmaker, so it was wonderful to finally have other people to make bags with!

10) Who would you like to guerilla bag most? (dead or alive)

Someone ridiculously famous and cool, like Lady GaGa, who’d be photographed with her bag all the time and so give morsbags tons of publicity!


I got my pod in Bude going by taking bags along to a local beach clean, to give out to the volunteers. One of them suggested I start a Facebook page, which has proved vital for my pod to grow. Virtually all my pod members are local people on facebook, people post on the page almost every day, photos of bags they’ve made etc, and I use it to give dates of get togethers and so on. So our facebook page is integral to our pod working and flourishing.

I also have a continuing close connection with the beach cleaning group, as our aims complement each other, a good number of pod members have joined through being given a bag at a beach clean.