Santa Claus is coming to town!

He’s on his way… 🎅Gorgeous fabric in South Africa ❤️



Festive Morsbags in Leicestershire

Sarah’s wonderful (Whetstone Whales Bags pod) Christmas morsbags in Leicestershire 💚❤️🎅😍

She says “Just made this year’s batch of Christmas morsbags to put pressies in! Used some leftover dachshund fabric plus ribbon and decorations from last year. Merry Christmas everyone xx 🎄

Morsbags Christmas Tree

Christmas is nearly here!! Lovely Sharon from Burghfield Morsbags pod in Reading sent us a picture of their Christmas Tree. 🎄💚🎄💚

She wrote “Mary’s church in Burghfield held a Christmas tree festival over the weekend. This was the tree our pod decorated for the event, with mini morsbags, and small morsbags which we will use as a banner.” 🎄💚🎄💚❤️

Anyone else have a morsbag on or under a Christmas tree yet?

Festive morsbags – pure joy!! 🥳🎄🎅❤️💚

Morsbags make such a great alternative to wrapping paper or gift bags that will end up being thrown away. These bags can be reused again or again for giving away gifts or used for Christmas shopping for years to come. These delightful bags were made by the lovely Amanda from Butterfly Bags. 💚🌍🎅🏻

Nativity Morsbag

A morsbag at the Nativity!! This is a first!

The Bejta Artisan Knit And Natter pod in Gozo, Malta has the Crib (Presejpu) on display at their gallery and then at the local museum when the gallery closes for Christmas on 20th December.

Emma wrote to say ‘Joseph was knitted by the very talented Brenda Sapsed Phillips who is one of our fantastic Morsbag ladies, Maria was sewn by Min Williams (also one of our Morsbag ladies) and Jesus was painted by Gozo Rocks.’

Day 30 of Sewvember

Morsbags Sewvember DAY 30 – Ocean Themed bag mini challenge

From the wonderful Tracy “Today is the final day of morsbags Sewvember 2019. It sees us going back to the original catalyst for making morsbags with an optional mini challenge to make a bag with a marine theme.

My offering for today is a plain curtain lining bag with a bit of ink stamping on it.

I’m looking forward to seeing today’s bags, themed or otherwise, but I also want to thank each and everyone who has participated in morsbags sewvember.

I know I’ve really enjoyed seeing the bags you’ve all made with such dedication and creativity – it’s really inspiring.

Remember to update your tallies on and hand these ones out with pride in a job well done.”

A massive well done and huge thank you to you all for being the change 🐳 💓

Day 29 of Sewvember

Morsbags Sewvember DAY 29 – seasonal bag optional mini challenge.

Sewvember 2019 is nearly over, December is so close you can almost taste it! So let’s have a bit of fun with a themed bag that is seasonal to wherever in the world you are.

For our pod – it’s a Christmas themed bag with a cheeky robin to use instead of wrapping paper or perhaps to make the grocery shopping a bit more festive.

Let’s see your bags be the festive, seasonal or just plain useful 🙂



Day 28 of Sewvember

Morsbags Sewvember Mini Challenge DAY 28 – mini morsbag

This was a piece of patchwork that never amounted to anything, a UFO if you will (UnFinished Object).

Now it’s two mini morsbags with a teapot theme ….tiny tea bags?

I fancy a cuppa now ☕️

How are your tiny bags coming along?


Morsbag Origami!

Morsbags Sewvember – morsbag origami

Use your origami superpower to fold your morsbag up into neat package to keep it tidy in your bag/pocket/glove box.

No fancy pockets or straps or extra small bags required!

Thicker bags will do this too, but you might only be able to fold them into 3 after you’ve tucked the handles down.