Anyone near York with a bit of spare time to go to this? It sounds great! 😍

Join FREE Workshop: Morsbags! – Shopping Bags from Re-cycled Fabrics as part of York Environment Week 2022
Save money and help the environment by making a reusable, original, recycled, washable, strong Morsbag that will last for years. These Morsbags were made by Geraldine Douglas using off cuts she’s collected from various Dressmaking & Patchwork/Quilting projects.
Tuesday 27 September 10am-3pm at York Explore Library. For more information or to book, visit

Pod of the Week: ‘Bagging Good Fun’

This week’s Featured Pod is ‘Bagging Good Fun’ located ‘amid the green drumlins’ of Co.Down in Northern Ireland. They have made an 258 morsbags.

1. Q) Who is in your pod, Irene?

    A) My daughter Anna and myself

2. Q) When/where do you dew morsbags?

    A) I sew them in between my dressmaking projects and get my adult beginner sewers to make one each

3. Q) Where did you first hear about morsbags?

    A) My cousin in England was making them

4. Q) Did you think about your use of plastic bags before? 

    A) Yes I was always a fan of a string bag

5. Q) What type of sewing machine/s do you use? 

    A) Janome Atelier 6, Brother overlocker and a Neechi heavy duty machine

6. Q) Please give 3 adjectives to describe your first morsbag. 

    A) Quirky,  thrifty and satisfied

7. Q)  What was the most unusual or satisfying thing you’ve made a morsbag out of? 

    A) Old embroidered linen supper cloths

8. Q) Who was your first bagging victim? 

    A) My 2 daughters- Anna and Helen

9. Q) What’s been your finest morsbag moment? 

    A) When I spotted one of my bags being used by a stranger

10. Q) Who would you like to guerilla bag most? (dead or alive) 

      A) Mary Portas – she would spread the word!

Irene also says “I volunteer in a local charity shop so I use duvets etc that aren’t good enough to sell. I now give all Christmas and birthday presents in a morsbag, closing it with an easy to remove tacking stitch. I teach crafts and dressmaking from home and a morsbag is the first thing my pupils make. My classroom is in a converted calf house (we are dairy farmers) and it’s called ‘The Bolthole’- as in a place to escape to and also as in a bolt of fabric”. 

Here’s a pic of her classroom – gorgeous! 

Thank you ‘Bagging Good Fun’ pod!

WI Project for February Evenings – Morsbagging of course!

Hope it goes well!! Fabulous preparation – hopefully everyone gets hooked! We love it when the WI get involved 👌

Has anyone else liberated any vintage/retro fabric lately?

Awesome morsbags Monty Morsbags Pod who say “Sometimes our fabric donations have been stored away for many years. This very retro fabric had never been used. I’m sure the bags will last for many years.”

How do you distribute the morsbags you make?

We receive so many emails from wonderful people asking if it’s ok to make morsbags for X, Y and Z – a recent one was “I am currently making Morsbags for our local hygiene bank but I have also started making them some smaller drawstring bags out of the silkier, softer fabric. These are going to be used to distribute toiletry bundles to local schools.”
How do you distribute the morsbags you make? Let’s inspire each other!