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    Despite having a sewing machine for many years, I’ve only recently started putting it to work. I’ve always hated waste, so have tried to reuse or recycle anything I can and due to friends and family knowing this, I’ve acquired lots of suitable old clothes, soft furnishings and unwanted fabric to make a LOT of Morsbags. I’ve just ordered my labels and will be getting to work as soon as they arrive.

    Luckily a good friend of mine runs a charity shop and I thought it would be a good place to use as an outlet. They are happy to take fabric donations for me and also allow me to pick through anything they think unfit to sell before it is sent away for recycling. They’ll also send any waste I produce to be recycled too.


    This sounds like an excellent plan to me Khanhvan, provided the morsbags are only ever given away, with no charge made for getting one. Charity shops can make excellent depots for collecting donations and for distributing morsbags, but sometimes the people running the charity shop become very focused on raising money for the good cause they support and lose sight of the basic ethic of morsbags – that they are given away free.

    I use the slightly guilty feeling that this can cause in some people to suggest that they make sure that they use their morsbag and don’t leave it in a cupboard at home. And fabric or thread donations are welcome, of course. 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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