Welcome to the new site!


Here it is, we hope you like it, it’s been a while in the making but we think it is worth it.

This page is to help morsbaggers new and old in understanding about how it all works with users, forums,shop,  pods and so on. So here we go…

General log in information:

This new morsbags site requires you to have a ‘user profile’ to do anything more than just reading through and downloading resources. Here’s a little info for you:

  • New morsbaggers: if you are interested in setting up a pod, joining in on the forum or buying labels then you will need to click the Login/Register at the top right then the blue Join Us button. After a quick sign up process you will be ready to go. After creating a user profile you will be able to log in and use the forum, create/join pods and order items and so on.
  • Returning morsbaggers: PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN! If you were registered on the previous site then you possibly would have had two log ins – one for your pod and one for the forum. Both were separate, even if it was the same email you used to set up both. This new site works a little differently: each member has a user profile which in turn logs you into the site and thus the forum at the same time. Each user profile can have a pod or pods, a user can create and manage as many pods as you like. This log in covers you for everything, including the forum. Please discard any previous forum username and login you had on the old site – we have carried over your pod logins from the old site as your new user profiles here, thus meaning that your usernames here will be what your old pod names were. Users who had more than one pod we have tried to sort out but you may find that your username is not the the one you want. If anyone needs to force change their username, or logs in and finds their pods missing or inaccurate  then please email us on admin@morsbags.com


  • New morsbaggers: Pods can be created and updated by any registered and logged in user. To create a pod simply log in and go to the pods page to create or view your existing pods.
  • Returning morsbaggers: will be able to login at the top right of the site with the details from their old site pod logins and then use the pods page or the yellow top right username drop down to choose ‘My pod/s’.


  • The forum is a new style, we are trying to keep the flashy bits out of site and have a simple chat!
  • Your user log from the old site will not work here, your previous posts are not here.
  • What! All those posts have gone? Yes, we are sorry to say. We see it is keeping things fresh, whilst the old forum was a huge source of information and chat, it was also so huge that it was impossible to find things easily. We plan to bring as much information out of the old site forum into this one in time.
  • We have also created a new resources page to help curate all the brilliant materials that the forum came up with. Not everything is in place yet, we have a lot of work to bring over but we hope you find it a good place to start. Please do use the new forum to suggest anything you would like to see.
  • We plan to have the old forum available as an ‘archive’ shortly, the link is at the bottom of the new forum page but at the moment is not working, we are trying to fix this right now.

Users profiles:

  • new morsbaggers: the username you choose is permanent so please be sure you want it!
  • returning morsbaggers: if you are unhappy with the pod derived username you have been given from the old site then please email us and let us know, we will try to do our best to set you up with a new user account on the same email address, delete the current one and assign your pods across to the new user

Any questions please check out the help forum topic or email us on admin@morsbags.com

Please read our FAQ page or read the list of currently known site issues we are looking into.