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    “Redwing Gallery is a not-for-profit social enterprise which aims to represent art and artists excluded from the mainstream commercial art world. Redwing was founded by the artist Peter Fox and has been popping up in Penzance, Cornwall since 2011.”

    Redwing Gallery - outside

    It’s up a little alleyway off one of the main shopping streets, Market Jew Street.

    Redwing Gallery notice

    Peter Fox, who started the gallery was there when we arrived, with a volunteer, Nancy, and they both helped us unload swiftly as double yellow lines patrolled by fast-reacting traffic wardens circle the area.

    Peter had come prepared with a pocket he wanted to add to the bag he would make – what a great idea! Perhaps it was from a favourite shirt that had reached the end of its life?

    Peter's pocket bag

    Peter's finished bag

    There wasn’t wall space to set up our usual ‘washing line’ with the M-O-R-S-bags on it but we did managed to find a little gap to hang a short line with bags for customers to help themselves from.

    'take a bag' washing line

    Here is our first customer of the day – she had read about the workshop in the local paper and had come specially to make a bag.

    Gallery view

    First bag finished!

    She enjoyed making the first one so much, she made a second one for a friend, using a different sewing machine! 😀

    First bag finished and on to the next on another machine

    I like the way the chough (rook-like bird with red legs, lives on cliff tops) in this photo is supervising the people sewing. 😀

    Chough supervising the day

    I seem to have taken a lot of photos of people holding up bags that have flopped over into folds. This one was made from a kid’s duvet cover with Winnie the Pooh and friends on it – here’s a bag showing half a Piglet, held by its creator.

    Piglet bag

    MC in charge

    This gentleman came in and made himself at home on the sofa, watching what we were doing and chatting with Ros who works at the gallery.

    John Chambers - from his website

    He didn’t want to have a go, but just watched as I made up a bag from pieces that Masterclock had sewn together a few days ago. It was made of lots of surplus handles – you know how the “spare handles” box grows and multiplies…
    So this bag was made of lots of strips and stripes of different materials. When it was finished I gave it to him (another floppy bag photo doesn’t do justice to M/C’s strips) and Ros commented it was like his paintings.

    John Chambers with bag I made - 'like his paintings'

    So I asked his name and looked him up via Google.

    What do you think?

    John Chambers' paintings

    Midway through the afternoon a Mum with two lovely girls came in. I’m so glad we relaxed our general rule of “no under 12’s” on this occasion. We were less busy by then, so could help and supervise adequately, and they proved to be very good seamstresses, but also unusually sensible.

    Family sewing

    Family sewing 2

    No, they’re not twins!! There’s 14 months between them in age.

    Family bags finished

    We made 17 bags during the day and had a lovely time in this beautiful space. Thank you for inviting us Ros, and for allowing us to come and sew Peter! 😀

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    What a lovely space Beattie and ideal for morsbagging in. Thank you for your report it all looks rather lovely x

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