New Morsbagger here 🤘🏻And I’d like to know …

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    Lindy loo

    Where do I start giving out my bags? I’m going to send some out to my online chums,
    My brother is training to be a friar in Northumberland so going to send them 1 each
    Then where?

    I’ve just started my own pod & I belong to another pod sooo where or how do I start giving them
    Out? In my pod we give our bags to the royal marsden (cancer hospital) the clothes swop/
    The greengrocers & the food bank …what I’m “worried” about I don’t want to commit to a local
    Shop to give them my bags as it’s going to be a lot of pressure,so can I make my bags & give
    Then out as & where & to whom ?
    Cheers linda


    Hi Lindy Loo and welcome! 😀

    All the ways and places to give out bags that you mention are fine and are excellent for a bigger group that produces a lot of bags.

    As I understand it, Pol Morsman’s original idea to distribute morsbags was “guerrilla bagging”, where morsbaggers make some bags and give them out to shoppers in their local High Street. This doesn’t suit everyone, in every situation (especially in times of Covid…) so people find other ways of getting bags into shoppers’ hands.

    You can give bags out as and when it suits you and to anyone who goes shopping, or needs a bag that isn’t plastic to carry their stuff around (files to college, lunch to work, PE kit to school).

    Some other methods to distribute a few bags –

    Give one each to friends / members of a choir / any group that you belong to.
    Post a bag through each letterbox of a group of houses or a short street.
    Put a morsbag under the windscreen wipers of cars in a nearby car park.
    Have an extra morsbag with you when you go shopping to give to someone who needs one.

    I’m sure you will think of places that you go to where you can give someone a bag. I find the main problem is convincing them that it’s free and that I’m not allowed to take any money for it. I use that slight feeling of guilt it induces in the recipient to persuade them that they can repay me by using it and not leaving it in a drawer, or wherever, not being used.

    Any more ideas for one person to give bags away?

    Lindy loo

    Hey Beattie
    Thanks for all the fabbo ideas
    I think once I’ve made a good bunch (I’m
    Hoping to get too 100) then I can stand in the high street & give them out.?


    There is a lovely little craft shop in Launceston. The first time I went in, I noticed a bundle of Morsbags hanging by the counter
    It is a “collective” craftshop with locally hand made items
    When I asked, I discovered that one or two of the group make Morsbags, and the whole idea of the shop is local, and sustainable. So Morsbags fits perfectly into their ethos.
    Just another idea

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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