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    Here are the morsstats for December 2018.
    Total morsbags made this month = 2761. That’s a great number for a group of volunteers making free bags at a busy time of year.

    There were 70 bag making pods that added bags to the global tally. They are –

    Bude Baggers
    Settle Age UK
    BBK Charity
    Claire Bear Morsbags
    Faire Des Sacs
    Staffordshire Stitchers
    Two Doors Studio
    Butterfly Bags
    upcycling is fun
    East Coast Morsbags
    Whetstone Whales
    Tina’s Totes
    Odd Handles
    Bagging Good Fun
    TLT Morsbaggers
    Sea Pod
    Crafty Chatters of Lowdham
    Denarah Bags
    Old baker
    Monty Morsbags
    Sally South Bags
    Pickering Stitchers
    Kind Harts
    Suzies @ Plas Dur
    Die Nähdamen
    Macs Bags
    Morsbag Meisters
    The old bag
    Less is Mors
    Bull city bags
    Helping Handles
    Bartley Bagger
    Handcross Bag Lady
    GT Bags
    Daisy Bags
    Cafe Chad
    Ely Borrow Bags
    Ramsey’s Green creatives
    Plastic Free Bingley
    Lib’s Bags
    Ballypod, Ireland
    Western Cape Morsbags
    Mannin Pod
    Darn it! Upcyclers
    LC Valley Morsbaggers
    Krafty Kat
    Butterfly Bags
    The Space Coast Pod
    Darting Frog
    Harborough Hit Bags
    Squeak’s Bags

    Well done all active pods, especially if you’ve been celebrating solstice/ midwinter / midsummer / or religious holidays!

    Fourteen new pods registered in December –

    Tina’s Totes
    Sea Pod
    Morsbags SG
    Krafty Kat
    Ramsey’s Green creatives
    Lib’s Bags
    Emma Morrison Dressmaking Mors
    The Space Coast Pod
    Tea Bags

    Welcome to all new pods, and Happy Morsbaggy New Year!

    Interesting comments

    Tina’s Totes registered on 2nd December and wrote this –
    “Inspired by my cousin at Harborough HIT bags, Cyndy Claydon. She has given me a starter pack for 10 bags and I am now on a mission! I am happy to stay solo and see how I go.”

    Great job Cyndy! and congratulations Tina on picking up the challenge and running with it!

    Ramsey’s Green creatives put it so well!
    “Creating bags to give for free… Starting small but dreaming big!”
    I love that “dreaming big” 🙂

    Kendrickbags registered their pod on 23rd Dec “Starting today” – brilliant Kendrickbags! 😀

    Ellytefashion joined us on 26th December and have already made 26 bags. They are a pod connected to a school in Düsseldorf. (Sounds like it might be a technical high school to me)
    Having run the pod information through Google Translate we get –
    “The textile department of our school works the Morsbag bags in connection with the work of sustainability of clothing. This is realized once at the end of the one-year Berufsfachschule textile for work preparation, as well as in the 3-year training as tailor / tailor during training several times. We are happy if you want to provide us with clothing to have a Morsbag made from it. Please register with us via this podcast.” in English.

    (Originally reads “Die Textilabteilung unserer Schule arbeitet die Morsbag-Taschen in Zusammenhang mit der Arbeit der Nachhaltigkeit von Bekleidung. Dieses wird einmal am Ende der einjährigen Berufsfachschule Textil für die Arbeitsvorbereitung verwirklicht, wie auch in der 3-jährigen Ausbildung zur Maßschneiderin/ zum Maßschneider im Laufe der Ausbildung mehrmals. Wir freuen uns, wenn man uns Bekleidung zur Verfügung stellen möchte, um sich daraus eine Morsbag herstellen zu lassen. Bitte melden Sie sich über diesen Podcast bei uns an.” )

    And we have a new pod in Cape Canaveral – “The Space Coast Pod” 🙂 Fantastic!

    I’ll have a look at the annual stats for the whole year next.


    I’m embarrassed to write this, but I only started a spreadsheet to keep the morsstats last month when it became obvious that the SewVember initiative was a brilliant success, and Tracy, whose brainchild it was, wanted to know if it had made a difference. Obviously it had, and it created a lovely pre-Christmas buzz!

    So, if you’re interested, have a look at last month’s stats, “Remember Sewvember for Growing the Number”.

    There are a few early numbers missing from new pod registrations in 2015 and bags made in March 2016 (I just forgot to make a note of the numbers *blush*). Here is a summary.

    2015 bags made = 26718 new pods registered = 116
    2016 bags made = 29626 new pods registered = 86
    2017 bags made = 33957 new pods registered = 114
    2018 bags made = 38709 new pods registered = 204

    Trusty Bags pod made a tremendous contribution to morsbags. It was a joint project between morsbags and The Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland Community Rehabilitation Company Limited. Service Users undertaking community payback learned to use a sewing machine, progressing to make morsbags. The morsbags were then given away at various places in Leicestershire. The project began in 2008 and 8 years later over 50,000 morsbags had been made and given away. Sadly, they stopped operating in March 2017 but amazingly, after a small dip in monthly output we seem to have compensated for the loss of their 300 – 750 bags per month.

    I wonder what 2019 will bring? Happy New Morsbagging Year to you all!

    butterfly bags
    butterfly bags

    It’s always great to see those totals. I’ve made very few in December. Other things had to take priority!
    Happy new year to you and Frank, Beattie. And to morsbaggers everywhere. I love being part of the morsbag community.

    Odd Handles

    love the idea of sending morsbags into space!

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