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We have had our first Morsbag making session of the year and one of our members has been very busy at home so toady we are having a handout session at our Environmental Exhibition being held in the church this weekend. September Update 2018 - we met on the first two Saturday afternoons and now have a new total. Looking forward to giving lots away at our Christmas Craft Fair later in November. Update August 2018 We are relaunching ourselves after quite a big break - spurred on by a new initiative being introduced by Greening Lower Halstow ' Plastic Free Community'. We meet irregularly in the local church. We have had two meetings so far. Friends of St.Margaret's formed several years ago to support our delightful little church by organising events to encourage visitors. We have three craft fairs a year and try to hand out morsbags to people. .


Lower Halstow Church
United Kingdom

80   total bags


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